Nov.08-10 2019
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Assis.Prof.Ibrahim Abdel Moniem Ibrahim

Minia University, Egypt

Research Area: 

1. Database Systems.
2. Discrete Mathematics.
3. System Analysis and Design.
4. Software Engineering.
5. Information Theory course.
6. Computer Architecture and Organization.
7.  Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining.

Research Experience:


Automated Explanations of User-expected Trends for Aggregate Queries,
• Ibrahim A. Ibrahim, Xue Li, Xin Zhao, Sanad Al Maskari, Abdullah M. Albarrak, and Yanjun Zhang. The 22nd Pacific-Asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, PAKDD 2018, Melbourne, Australia.  

Interesting recommendations based on hierarchical visualizations of medical data
• Ibrahim A. Ibrahim, Abdulqader M. Almars, Suresh Pokharel, Xin Zhao, and Xue Li. Big Data Analytics for Social Computing DBASC18, PAKDD'18 Workshop, Melbourne, Australia (CORE A).
Learning Concept Hierarchy from Short Texts Using Context Coherence
•  Abdulqader Almars, Xue Li, Ibrahim A.Ibrahim and Xin Zhao, Web Information Systems Engineering WISE’19 November 12-15, 2018, Zayed University, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Feature Extraction for Smart Sensing Using Multi-Perspectives Transformation
•  Sanad Al-Maskari, Ibrahim A. Ibrahim, Xue Li, Eimad Abusham and Abdulqader Almars, The Australian Database Conference ADC 2018, Gold Coast, Australia. 
Efficiently Mining Constrained Subsequence Patterns
•  Abdullah Albarrak, Sanad Al-Maskari, Ibrahim A Ibrahim, Abdulqader M Almars, International Conference on Advanced Data Mining and Applications ADMA 2018, China.
Evaluation Methods of Hierarchical Models
•  Abdulqader M Almars, Ibrahim A Ibrahim, Xin Zhao, Sanad Al-Maskari, International Conference on Advanced Data Mining and Applications ADMA 2018, China.
▪ Structured Sentiment Analysis
•  Abdulqader Almars, Xue Li, Xin Zhao, Ibrahim A. Ibrahim, Weiwei Yuan, Bohan Li, International Conference on Advanced Data Mining and Applications ADMA 2017, Singapore.

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